Hawaii Yellow Tumeric

Grower and Supplier of Yellow Tumeric Roots

At our Hawaii farm we grow Yellow Turmeric which is a flowering plant, that grows well in Hawaii. It is part of the ginger family. We supply many Hawaii restaurants with our tumeric products. The yellow tumeric roots are used in cooking in many Asian dishes here in Hawaii and worldwide.

Yellow Tumeric

The Yellow Turmeric root is used fresh or boiled in water and dried, after which they are ground into a deep orange-yellow powder commonly used as a coloring and flavoring agent in many Asian cuisines in Hawaii, especially for curries. Turmeric powder has a warm, bitter flavor and earthy.

Yellow Tumeric Roots

Turmeric root has been used in Asia for thousands of years and is a major part of traditional Asian medicine both here in Hawaii and worldwide.

We currently ship FRESH Yellow turmeric from Hawaii to many cities of USA and many cities of Canada.

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