Hawaii Curry Leaves

Hawaii Supplier of Curry Leaf

Curry leaf, also known as sweet neem, is native to India and very popular in many of Hawaii's many ethnic restaurants.

Curry leaves also have many health benefits such as helping with weight loss, diarrehea and nausea. It's also known to control diabetes. The curry leaves contain antioxidants that help with digestion and balancing cholesterol.

Curry Leaf

Hawaii's First Rate Plantation grows about 5 acres of curry trees at it's farm on Oahu, supplying local restaurants and vendors with curry leaf products. The sub-tropical weather in Hawaii is uniquely suitable for curry trees to grow. Curry leaf supply is in high demand, especially during the winter season.

Freshly Grown Curry Leaves

The USDA policy requires curry leaf growers to professionally treat the leaves with radiation before shipping them out of the Hawaii. Once treatment has been completed, all boxes are sealed by the facility and radiation certificate is issued.

We ship curry leaf to the continental United States and Canada via one of the major airlines. Due to its very slow growth and required radiation treatment, orders for curry leaf must be placed 2 weeks in advance of the ship date.

Have Your Order Shipped In 2 Days

We harvest and process your curry leaf only after you order it
We ship to anywhere in the US or foreign country where a major airline has a cooler at the airport.