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Ocimum basilicum, or sweet basil is well known for its fragrance and flavor. It is originally from India and is a main ingredient for Italian cuisine as well as some Asian food. Fresh sweet basil is also known to provide health benefits as it is a member of the herbs family.

Sweet Basil

We Can Ship Out Your Basil In 2 Days

As a Hawaii based sweet basil grower and supplier, First Rate Plantation has many acres of fields grown outdoors using the open field method. Sweet Basil grows very well in Hawaii's unique warm weather and hot sunlight. Plus the enriched volcanic soil, and clean, fresh, non-polluted air and fresh breeze, our basil farm grows the most vivacious green leafed sweet basil. We currently supply product to the continental U.S., Canada and Japan.

Our basil farm follows good agricultural practices or GAP and our experts always supervise and control every step to make sure healthy, safe and beautiful basil is produced.

As a big fresh sweet basil grower and wholesaler, we could supply you with 3,000+ pounds per day, 25,000+ pounds per week. We pack 1 lb fresh basil in clear film bags, 20 lbs per box. Shipments are sent out from Honolulu International Airport to any major airport where there is a cooler.

Basil Suppliers for Chicago, Austin, Denver and Boston!

The basil we grow is distrubuted throughout the US and Canada. We are able to ship to places like St. Paul and Miineapolis as well as Pittsburgh or Baltimore. Hawaii basil is coveted all over. As commercial growers we will provide you with quality Sweet Thai Basil for your Chicago or Detroit restaurant chain. We also have Canadian clients in Vancouver British Columbia, Toronto and Montreal.

Have Your Order Shipped In 2 Days

We harvest and process your basil only after you order it
We ship to anywhere in the US or foreign country where a major airline has a cooler at the airport.