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Thai / Asian Basil Growers

Thai basil, also called Asian basil, is part of the Lamiaceae herb family. It is a type of basil native to Southeast Asia and is used as a main ingredient for Thai, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos's cuisines. Prepared fresh, it is mostly used in Asian foods and it has a very pronounced licorice or anise flavor that some prefer.

Thai Asian Basil

As a grower of fresh Thai basil here in Hawaii we are able to utilize Hawaii's special all year round warm weather and unique soil. Our farm produces large Thai basil leaves with a purplish red stem. we are able to harvest and ship the product 365 days a year. Our harvest crew are very well trained and very experienced when comes to harvesting Thai basil. They are cut one stem at a time to carefully avoid direct contact with the leaves to preserve the freshness and maximize its life.

Basil Shipped To You From Our Farm

Generally speaking, fresh Thai or Asian basil is consumed raw and will not be washed. As a grower and wholesaler here in Hawaii, our top priority and key to success is to follow good agricultural practices. Our harvesting crew always wear clean gloves and clean clothes when they harvest. The cutting scissors are always sanitized before use.

Our thai basil is picked before the flowers bloom, just as the plant starts to bud. This provides the most pungent and flavorful product. It is cut up to 12-14 inches in length. The dark green leaves are up to 3 inches long and up to 2 inches broad. It is important to make sure the basil is of proper length and maturity to maximize its lifespan in addition to providing exceptional fragrance and flavor. By cultivating Thai basil every 22-25 days, it keeps the plants healthy and helps the growth of its leaves.

We Ship Basil to New York City, Miami Florida an Atlanta Georgia!

We pack 1 lb of fresh basil in clear film bags, 20 lbs per a box. We currently ship to Chicago, New York, Boston, Houston, and other major cities accross the country. Do you need to supply your Phoenix Arizona restuaurant or maybe your Indianapolis Indiana Cafeteria with some fresh basil? Well, we can help. We grow our basil with care and ship it direct to you in Nashville, St. Louis.and Kansas City.

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We harvest and process your basil only after you order it
We ship to anywhere in the US or foreign country where a major airline has a cooler at the airport.