Hawaii Betel Leaf

Supplier of Betel Leaf aka Pan Patta

The Betel leaf is an herb and is also called piper sarmentosum or pan patta. The herb is a popular spice used in Southeast Asian cooking. The betel leaves are used fresh in its raw and uncooked form. The leaves are most often used to wrap spiced minced meat and can also be used as a stimulant or for medicinal purposes.

Betel Leaf

We are a Hawaii betel leaf, or pan patta, grower and supplier. By utilizing Hawaii's unique weather and special soil condition, our farm is able to grow beautiful, large and dark green betel leaves all year around. As a large herb grower and supplier we can ship the herb 365 days per year. We pack the freshly picked leaves loose in bundles with each leaf neatly stacked on one another and shipped in 20 lb boxes.

Freshly Grown Betel Leaves

The freshly harvested Hawaii betel leaves can be stored at room temperature for up to 5 days provided they are kept in a cool and slightly wet condition. Our farm has a team of herb experts who are from Vietnam and specialize in the betel leaf.

We grow the piper sarmentosum herb, or pan patta, in Hawaii and supply it to New York, Boston, Houston, Chicago, Washington, and many other major cities. We also ship to foreign countries including Canada and Japan.

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